Beware of being contacted by scammers or spam, these are 5 unknown phone number tracking applications

TRIBUNNEWSBOGOR.COM – Getting a phone call from an unknown number can be quite annoying at times.

It’s not impossible, the number has a bad purpose, like fraud or spam.

However, there is a way to detect whether the number really belongs to someone or an official institution or is just a prank number and has other malicious purposes such as fraud.

Here are five application Android and iOS that can be used to see the identity of phone calls whose numbers are not registered in our phonebook.

1. Truecaller

This Swedish number tracker application is one that is quite popularly used.

Its active users are now claimed to reach more than 200 million. Truecaller will identify unknown numbers entered into the user’s phone.

If the calling number is identified as a spam number, Truecaller will display a red tone indicating the number may be dangerous.

Users can also find out who owns the number to be identified from the database Truecaller.

The database is collected by crowdsourcing, meaning that the phone number data from previous users who are willing to be shared is used as a large database to be used by all application users.

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