Best team Daikin Thailand League 2021 women mid week 4

The first midweek game, the 16th Daikin Volleyball Thailand League, 2020-21 SMMSPORT season has gathered great players. In each position Of the female team category Regularly in the middle of the 4th week to follow each other

Pole head
Kannikar Thipachote: Khon Kaen Star VC

The 27-year-old pole is another player who has continued to help “Red Dino”. And always do good work And this game made 12 points, beat RSUVC 3-0 set

Wiphawee Srithong: Supreme Chonburi – E. Tech

The hitting star from the “Pink Dolphin” camp performed well in one more game. And is a player who scores points for the team regularly, this game goes 11 points, leads the team to beat 3BB Nakornnon 3-0 set

Soraya Prommla: Supreme Chonburi – E. Tech

Thai national team set hand Show a good form, one more match, pass the ball well, help the team win a 3BB victory against Nakornnon in a 3-0 set and lead the crowd to the next

Fast ball
Kaew Kanlaya Kamuntala: Khon Kaen Star VC

Fast football, beautiful person, degree, champion of the Japanese League Have played continuously for another game for the team Including also serves both the offensive game And block very well with a hit of 8 points and blocks 3 points, defeating RSUVC by 3-0.

Pleumjitthinkhao: Supreme Chonburi – E.Tech

The veteran of the Thai national team It is another person that the team can hardly live without. Especially the decisive attacking game And a great block game, led the team to defeat 3BB Nakornnon 3-0 set and scored a total of 14 points

Back b
Pimpichaya Kokram: 3BB Nakornnon

Although the team lost to Supreme Chonburi – E. Tech to 0-3, but the star hit the Thai national team It is also very good in attacking by hitting 10 points and blocking 3 more points.

Independent receiver
Pimtawan Thongyot: Supreme Chonburi – E. Tech

The star of the Thai national team U18 has been assigned to play as an independent defender for the first time. And serves in the game to serve for the team very well, leading the team to beat 3BB Nakornnon 3-0 set

Commander Nattaphon Srisamutnak: Supreme Chonburi – E. Tech

The 54-year-old manager adapted the game to fight 3BB Nakornnon very well. And make the game offensive And the team’s defense game Playing smoothly before winning 3-0 sets and leading the pack to the next.

Best player of the week
Watchareeya Nuancham: Supreme Chonburi – E. Tech.

Fast football, Thai national team Excellent performance in this match that beat 3BB Nakornnon 3-0 by scoring 8 points from attacking and blocking up to 9 points together.

Best Player of the Thai League, Women’s Team Midweek 4
Pimpichaya – Kaewkalaya – Kannikar

L: Pimtawan
Coach: Natthaphon
MVP: Watchareeya




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