News Bern: counter-terrorism Measures apply to children as early as...

Bern: counter-terrorism Measures apply to children as early as 12 years old – Switzerland


The police measures for the fight against terrorism will target children from the age of 12. The national Council has approved Friday by a vote of 109 votes, against 83 this minimum age proposed by the federal Council.

This measure is part of the second component of the government plan for the fight against terrorism. It provides for the tightening of police measures, preventive. The National came on Thursday on this project and was resumed on Friday morning the debate on the issue age minimum.

The police measures will affect people from the age of 12 years. Except for the stop housing, which will be applicable from the age of 15. The examples abroad show that terrorist attacks are often perpetrated by minors, said Mauro Tuena (SVP/ZH).

These police actions preventive should be possible if all the measures of prevention were to fail, said Jacqueline de Quattro (PLR/VD). Each case will be considered individually.

“It is a sad reality that children are used by terrorist groups,” said Jean-Luc Addor (SVP/VS). These measures come from observations and practical realities, pointed to Alois Gmür (PDC/SZ).

“Red line”

The left and green liberals wanted to raise that age to at least 14 years, and 18 years for the residency. A child in danger of becoming more radical need of any other thing of stigma, called Léonore Porchet (Green/VD).

The idea of putting children off home, simply because we suspect they might commit a crime, this is going too far, has pleaded Marionna Schlatter (Green/ZH). “This is crossing a red line.”

“The miners also may radicalize”, stressed the minister of justice Karin Keller-Sutter. In criminal law, sanctions can be taken against children for 10 years already. It is guaranteed that the child will be respected and the educational measures will be used on a priority basis, she added.
The debate continues. (tty/in The Morning)

Created: 19.06.2020, 09h02


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