News Berlin: Minister of the interior agree on controversial anti-discrimination...

Berlin: Minister of the interior agree on controversial anti-discrimination law


As on Wednesday, Federal interior Minister Horst Seehofer approached Berlin’s interior Senator Andreas hostage in the Foyer of the Erfurt Dorindt Hotels at the Start of the conference of interior Ministers, welcomed it then, but warm and conciliatory.

Behind hostage turbulent weeks, the CDU Minister of the interior against the so-called state anti-discrimination law in the capital. Shortly before the beginning of the conference of interior Ministers in Erfurt Seehofer had announced to send for the time being, no Federal police and more to Berlin. A violent provocation from the Federal Minister. Other CDU Minister of the interior no longer threatened to send future officials to use to Berlin.

On Thursday evening the Ministers agreed on an agreement: hostage to declare in writing that the law has no impact on their officials if they send their police officers in the use of.

“Burden of proof” or “burden of Proof”?

No topic excited in the first two days of the 212. The Minister of the interior conference in Erfurt, so much the minds of the Christian Democrats, as the new law of the capital. After Seehofer’s greeting with a hostage, the CDU dined-the Minister of the interior and agreed on their opposition to the law.

The law provides that people can defend the case of discrimination by public authorities due to, for example, the color of their skin, religious affiliation or sexual orientation. Victims receive compensation from the state of Berlin, if the court gives you right.

Particularly controversial in the case of the CDU: The law provides for a so-called “burden of Proof”, the CDU, speaks of the “burden of proof”. So, it is sufficient if a party makes an open violation of the law before the court “more likely than not” to be credible.

In the fireplace, round the Minister of the interior conference on the Thursday, it then gave rise to a heated debate. The CDU Minister will see in the proof of the facilitation of their police officers under a General suspicion put. Fear of subrogation in favour of their countries and the legal consequences for their officials. “I have not experienced in this Form to a conference of interior Ministers,” says one Present afterwards.

Criticism for “old white men”Statement

Especially a hostage was attacked Reportedly because of a public Statement, be it only “old white men” who criticized him for the act. This would have taken some of the Ministers personally. Emotionally, the Brandenburg Minister of the interior, Michael Stübgen to have his Concerns forward.

Hostage finally agreed. “I’m glad to have the debate with my colleagues, and I assume that we will continue to work together in the spirit of federalism, well,” he says after the conversation. “Not in Berlin, will make recourse to other countries, will decide in Berlin on disciplinary measures for foreign officials, if you have violated the law.”

The CDU Minister of the interior, compared to the MIRROR now conciliatory. NRW-Minister of the interior, Mr Reul, who had demanded this writing, is now satisfied. “That was a necessary clarification. I’m really glad that my police officers are subject to the control of this strange act,” he says. The Mecklenburg CDU Minister of the interior Lorenz Caffier is now no longer a Problem, to send his officials to Berlin. “If we receive the written confirmation that our officials are completely excluded from the Berlin act, our police officers are also there to use. I welcome the fact that Senator hostage signaled here in readiness.”

A decision not to give it to the agreement, the Minister will want to face on Thursday in a “Erfurt Declaration 2020” together behind the police officers: “The police must be in a special way model! Therefore, we do not tolerate any extremism and racism in the ranks of the police”, – stated in the draft, the all the Ministers should agree to. The act of Berlin is not mentioned explicitly.

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