News Becri closes factories in Barcelos, Esposende and Vila Verde...

Becri closes factories in Barcelos, Esposende and Vila Verde after being infected by management


The PCP questioned the Minister of Labor, Solidarity and Social Security about the “illegal” closure of a bakery in Caminha, which left around 60 workers unemployed.

“According to information provided to the parliamentary group of the PCP, the company Camipão, based in Cruz Velha, in Vila Praia de Âncora, stopped its operation illegally, leaving approximately 60 workers unemployed”, says the question addressed to the Government by PCP deputy Diana Ferreira and to which the Lusa agency had access today.

In the document, the communist deputy added that “since 2018 there have been situations of non-compliance with labor rights in the company”, pointing out “delays in the payment of holiday and Christmas allowances and salaries”.

“These situations in Camipão were denounced by several union organizations that requested the intervention of the Authority for Working Conditions (ACT). On the 20th, the Union of Workers in the Hotel, Tourism, Restaurants and Similar Industry of the North requested an urgent inspection, given that until that date the company had not paid half the salary in January, as well as the entire February salary ”, explains the deputy.

In the application sent to the Government, the communist deputy adds that “Camipão did not regularize the payment of the Christmas allowance of 2018 to some workers, nor paid the Christmas allowance, to all workers, for the year 2019”.

“The extensive list of irregularities pointed out by the union, also includes illegalities in the booking of vacations, in the professional categories and in the fulfillment of rights enshrined in collective bargaining. On the 25th, the company closed all its establishments, without having notified the workers in writing ”, he points out.

Diana Ferreira stressed that “the closure occurs at a time when workers are overdue with their Christmas wages and benefits, a fact that had already caused serious problems”.

“The feeling of injustice among workers – who have personal, family obligations, bills to pay – in the face of the reported situation is very great”, he reinforces.

The communist deputy wants to know “whether the Government is aware of the situation and how she explains that over the years, the company has practiced this non-compliance with its duties without any known intervention by ACT”.

Diana Ferreira also calls for clarification on the measures that the Government will take to ensure that workers’ rights are “fully respected”, whether it will “try to safeguard the jobs and the viability of the company” and how it will act to guarantee the “urgent payment” unemployment benefit to affected workers ”.

Previously, Lusa tried unsuccessfully to contact the company administrator, José Presa, who, in the last municipal elections, was elected PSD councilor in the Câmara de Caminha, a term that he would suspend, in May 2019, for one year.

At the time, Lusa contacted the mayor, the socialist Miguel Alves, who said he could not confirm the closure, adding that “on Wednesday Camipão suspended the production of bread and closed the stores because there was uneasiness and discomfort among the employees” .

“The city council had to find another company to supply the bread to serve students and families in need in the municipality to whom the municipality is providing meals in this pandemic period of the covid-19. We were notified less than 24 hours before the suspension of the work ”, he explained.


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