Beautiful, previews from 15 to 21 May 2022

Brooke is very angry with Liam and Steffy, who have once again turned her daughter’s life upside down. Thomas reveals to Hope that Steffy’s son is Finn’s and not Liam’s and that it was Vinny who faked the paternity test.

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Wyatt tries to inspire courage in Liam who fears he has lost his wife and family forever, still not knowing that he is not the father of Steffy’s baby, and that the real father is Finn. The latter tells Steffy the truth about the paternity of her baby and asks her to marry him.

Finn tells Steffy that the child she is expecting is his and not Liam’s; She steffy has agreed to marry him and she asks him for an explanation on what happened, being above all worried that Thomas may have committed some wrongdoing (but Finn reassures her to do so).

Ridge and Brooke talk about Steffy: Ridge is embittered because his daughter wants to move to Paris, but then Thomas arrives and explains what happened to them too. At the cabin, Hope breaks the news to Liam gently because she thinks Liam may be sorry that her baby is not hers.

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When Hope informs Liam that Steffy’s baby isn’t hers, he is shocked. As Thomas details Vinny’s plan to fake the paternity test to Brooke and Ridge, Steffy and Finn are thrilled that the baby is theirs.

Hope asks Liam how he really feels after learning he’s not the father of Steffy’s son. Finn declares to Steffy all of her love for her and expresses all her happiness in expecting their baby. Meanwhile, Hope can’t forgive Liam about her on her crazy night with Steffy and it doesn’t console her that her husband isn’t the baby’s father.

Thomas keeps Brooke on his toes by admitting that he hasn’t forgotten Hope and is ready to join her again. Hope and Liam’s marriage is in a critical situation and Bill tries to persuade Liam to do everything to be forgiven by his wife.

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