Bayer pays plaintiffs in the US 1.35 billion

IThe German pharmaceutical company pays the dispute over the Essure contraceptive Bayer Plaintiffs in the United States converted 1.35 billion euros. This would settle around 90 percent of the nearly 39,000 filed or planned lawsuits, Bayer said on Thursday in Leverkusen. The $ 1.6 billion includes a flat rate for claims for which no settlement agreements have yet been made.

“Plaintiffs who agree to the settlement will in return withdraw or not file their lawsuits,” said Bayer. “The settlement agreements do not contain any admission of wrongdoing or guilt.” Numerous women had complained of health problems such as chronic pain as a result of Essure. Essure is a method of contraception for women who have finished trying to have children. A gynecologist inserts two small coils into the fallopian tube, which leads to sterility in the long term.

In 2017 Bayer announced that it would stop sales of the contraceptive outside of America. At the time, the group cited economic reasons. In the following year, Bayer announced the end of Essure in the United States. The pharmaceutical company emphasized on Thursday that the comparisons made in America had “no impact on pending legal disputes in other countries”. Other lawsuits are pending in France, among others.

With the settlement, Bayer is clearing up another major legal construction site. As has been known since June, the Leverkusen-based company is taking 820 million dollars in hand to settle the major part of the American proceedings over the environmental toxin PCB, which has been banned in the United States since 1979 and which the subsidiary Monsanto had previously produced. Added to this is a $ 400 million compromise over complaints about alleged crop damage caused by the weed killer Dicamba. In the latter case, Bayer also wants to bring its co-sued competitor BASF on board.

By far the most expensive dispute remains the one about alleged cancer risks of weed killers containing glyphosate. Here, however, the desired comparison with the majority of the plaintiffs wobbles. Because: The responsible federal judge Vince Chhabria was bothered by the part of the agreement that covers possible future cases. As a result, Bayer withdrew the application for consent to deal with these cases, which were scheduled to be settled $ 1.25 billion.


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