Bavaria Car Parts delivers quality and reliability “Made in Germany”

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Bavaria Car Parts delivers quality and reliability “Made in Germany” © BCP/pixabay

It’s a fact: With original BMW used parts, you can sometimes even save more than 10,000 EUR over the course of a car’s life.

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It’s a fact: With original BMW used parts, you can sometimes even save more than 10,000 EUR over the course of a car’s life. Whether due to deterioration over time or unfortunate accidental damage, sooner or later in the life of an automobile, there comes a time when various components should be replaced. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a bumper, a door or a tiny but important part under the hood. With the aim of saving car owners enormous amounts of money that they would spend on new spare parts, some companies only sell used and checked original spare parts.

Bavaria-Car-Parts has geared itself to such cases. The family-run business with more than 2 decades of BMW experience offers on its website over twenty thousand tested original BMW items on. Both brand new and used parts for 1975 models through to the latest vehicles are offered.

Especially in case you are looking for Bavaria Car Parts you have found the perfect supplier with Bavaria Car Parts.

When asked how the business idea came about, company founder, master mechanic and former rally driver Florian Niegel explains: “We were looking for spare parts for our private cars and couldn’t find anything satisfactory on the open market. Alternatively, the product quality was not as hoped, the components were insufficiently described or wrong. The research turned out to be difficult. Many parts were not sold as accessories at all or were only offered as high-priced new parts.”

Reported further the expert for BMW used parts: “Too often, spare parts are destroyed and, as a result, crucial resources are wasted because vehicles are scrapped instead of reusing the parts that would still be ready for a second round. With the environmental awareness in mind, which is developing in a significant proportion of people right now, we have embarked on a path to close this gap. We give high-quality spare parts another life and at fair prices.”

The employees of Bavaria-Car-Parts calculate fair sales prices and examine each spare part individually. A chat window is available for questions and help, in which ambiguities can be clarified directly with an employee. In supporting video recordings, which are available directly on the website, Florian Niegel explains how BMW owners can find the correct components using the vehicle registration document, chassis number and key number, and how to tell them apart. Furthermore, the company founder shows how to identify desired spare parts and how to find them in the online shop of Bavaria-Car-Parts. Real examples are used to show how well it pays off when you decide on a used, tested spare part for your BMW.

Every driver knows the uncomfortable tension when opening the workshop bill. Especially when using spare parts, the amount due can be too expensive for some drivers. Especially branded spare parts are often traded for large amounts.

It is therefore worth considering the purchase of a used and tested spare part. This allows the value of the motor vehicle to remain without having to pay a lot of capital for brand new spare parts. Depending on the spare part, up to 66% of the expenses that would be invested for a new original part can be saved. Where a control unit for the air suspension costs 751 euros new, you can find exactly the same spare part used for 254 euros.

When a large number of car parts need to be replaced, the amount of money saved can quickly run into the 4-digit range by opting for used parts.

If, for example, the power steering pump and the torque converter fail in the same year for a BMW owner, the repair costs are expensive. Even the cost of the new spare parts is over 2000 EUR. In the event that said BMW driver opts for used spare parts, the power steering pump and torque converter will cost around EUR 600. The owner of the BMW can therefore save a 4-digit amount this year, assuming that he deals with used parts.

Niegel pointed out: “We differ from the conventional used parts market in our specialization in BMW vehicles. This gives us the necessary software and hardware, as well as the necessary expertise to find 100% suitable parts for BMW vehicles. All our components are stored with the original BMW part number and can be clearly identified and assigned using the chassis number of the customer’s vehicle.”

On average, a car has a lifespan of around 12 years. For better or for worse, components will break and have to be replaced. If each of these components is used instead of being bought new, amounts of money in the 4 or even 5-digit range can be saved, depending on the frequency of repairs. In addition, doing without new parts is not only cheaper, but also more environmentally friendly.

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