Basketball. LF2: Another loss at home for La Glacerie against Aulnoye

Lucie Carlier and the Glacériennes were once again disappointed against Aulnoye. (©Archives Nadine DJEBBAR)

Another frustrating loss for USLG Cherbourg-en-Cotentin, Saturday January 22 at home against Aulnoye (69-79). Tangos have missed their first quarter (12-22), and even if they managed to pick up before the break (31-31, 17th), they could not avoid a twelfth defeat in thirteen matches of Women’s League 2 this season, and still have not did not know the victory at the Saillanderie in the championship.

And Nantes-Rezé wins in Champagne…

This new setback greatly mortgages the chances of maintaining daughters of Yoann Cabioc’h. Here they are now won by one of the teams with whom they will fight, Nantes-Rezé having achieved a feat in Champagne (66-71). The Glacériennes therefore find themselves four wins from the waterline…

Among the satisfactions of the evening, it is necessary to underline the good performance of the two recruits Oumou Touré, top scorer of the game with 19 points, and Kristina King (12 points, 9 rebounds).

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