In PR language it is called “redesign of service components”. However, many customers will probably see the changes to Eurowings as a reduction in service. Because the low-cost airline does away with the second piece of hand luggage at its cheapest tariff. It will have to be booked in the future. All that is included is a bag or a trolley case that measures a maximum of 55 x 40 x 23 centimeters,

Eurowings is introducing yet another change in March. Those who book the basic tariff can no longer simply check in at the airport counter. They have to do this online or book the check-in at the counter beforehand for a fee. This makes the entry-level tariff “even more competitive in terms of price,” says the Lufthansa subsidiary. In addition, it is more differentiated from the Smart economy tariff, which includes many benefits.

Space is allocated

As part of its savings program, Eurowings has already reduced some benefits. First, free snacks and drinks were dropped. In January, the airline announced that seat reservations in future will cost something on flights in Europe – including online check-in. If you do not want to pay, you will be allocated a place as with other low-cost airlines.