News Balance sheet of the stormy episode of the 3...

Balance sheet of the stormy episode of the 3 and 4 June


By Gilles MATRICON, meteorologist
Published on 03/06/20, updated 05/06/20 at 08h14

The episode return storm storm of June 3 and 4, has been active on a part of France, particularly on the south of the parisian Basin, centre-east and south-east of the country.

The degradation return storm-stormy has been less marked this Thursday 4 June as feared, if evacuating quickly to Italy. Quickly, the fresh air invaded France, while thundershowers were breaking in a sky of lagging behind the south-west to the center-is. In this context, the storms more violent had occurred Wednesday, June 3, afternoon and evening, as well as in the night.

First balance sheet : totals sometimes impressive but one-time

The storms of Wednesday night and last night may have been locally violent, but pretty isolated. However, the paris region has experienced the passage of strong thunderstorms, causing new floods and hail. These storms have ceased in the evening. In addition, and as expected, the storm front arrived in the night to the south-east, with very strong thunderstorms to 01h in the morning, which caused accumulation of rain including locally from 60 to 90 mm, the equivalent of a month of rain.

Summary of the day yesterday, Wednesday 03 June 2020

With 9931 lightning cloud-to-ground (lightning) (source: Météorage), the day yesterday was the second most-struck by lightning since the beginning of the year, after the may 9, (12 304 impacts). It follows 5 months of a low electrical activity with a number of flashes cloud-to-ground less than 38% to the 30-year average, due to the predominance of high pressures on the country.

The end of the day on Wednesday was marked by strong storms of Anjou to the north of the Lorraine region, passing by the south of the parisian region, affecting primarily the Île-de-France in its southern part, as well as occasionally the south of Britain.

The live coverage of the Wednesday, June 3,

Between 20h and 22h, the capital city was hit by violent storms causing hail and flood. The cumulative rainfall totals were established between 20 and 40 mm, with strong disparities.

Significant runoff to occur, and even flooding ad hoc.

Due to the high instability of the atmosphere, a tuba (tornado not touching the ground) has even been observed in Essonne.

The subways of paris are invaded by the hail…

Despite the current drought, Paris suffered a very severe storms this evening, the 2nd of this year 2020.

The Seine-et-Marne, Val-de-Marne, to the north of the Essonne and the west of the Yvelines are the sectors most affected by strong electrical activity, intense downpours and hail. He fell 33mm water in Périgny and 24m m at Combs-la-ville the last hour, which is equal to 2 weeks of rainfall fell in 1 hour.

Earlier in the afternoon, the thunderstorm activity is maintained in the Limousin, the Auvergne, Rhone-Alps going back to the Burgundy-Franche-Comté where showers sometimes heavy still occurred. The territory of Belfort has suffered a major storm.

Under a violent #storm hail, the streets of #Delle, a commune located in the department of Territoire de Belfort, have been invaded by rain water, which has caused #floods. Source :

In Gold Coast, falls of hail have damaged some vineyards.

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