Business bad surprise for subscribers at 4.99 €

bad surprise for subscribers at 4.99 €


A very bad surprise for B & YOU subscribers has just fallen: Bouygues Telecom announced the increase from € 4.99 to € 8.99 of one of its plans. In return, however, it promises more data.This is not a surprise, Bouygues Telecom likes flash promotions. After announcing a web exclusive two years ago, the telephone operator seems to have changed its mind. This mobile plan was originally available for € 19.99 per month. Bouygues Telecom decided, however, for a very limited period, to promote it at € 4.99 per month. While this price was announced initially without increase, the operator seems to have changed his mind since the 4G package tends to drop to € 8.99 / month. This sudden increase is also denounced by the UFC that Choose. The association stresses however that this practice remains usual among operators. Free and SFR, in fact, also increased some of their plans last winter.

This 80% increase in the B & YOU offer to 20 GB, valid from 02 July 2020, changes the terms of the 4G package. Until 1er July, subscribers can keep their offer, but by doubling their data envelope. Beyond 1er July, Bouygues Telecom also specifies that the additional data included will be chargeable. In detail, the operator promises that the services will be different because of the inflation of the package. The consumer defense association the UFC that Choose criticizes the message sent by Bouygues Telecom to its subscribers. She regrets the confusion around the Go offered before the start of next month and paying after the 1er July. The association draws attention to the vagueness surrounding the new services that Bouygues Telecom offers to its subscribers.

Bouygues Telecom has decided to increase its low-cost plan from € 4.99 to € 8.99.

A legal practice on the other hand, since the law authorizes this increase. Telephone operators have the right to change their prices if they allow subscribers to refuse to subscribe to the new offer. Bouygues Telecom therefore complies with the terms and conditions in accordance with the legislation. The operator effectively guarantees in its message that subscribers have the full right to refuse the offer. For this, they must however respond before July 2 Otherwise, Bouygues Telecom will automatically apply this increase in the mobile plan. Note that the package concerned remains without obligation. No termination fees can be requested by the operator.

As a reminder, Bouygues Telecom proposed calls, unlimited SMS / MMS, 20 GB of data without commitment or increase beyond 12 months. This was a very good deal for new customers, who only had a few days to take advantage of it. In addition to services in mainland France, 2 GB of data was available internationally. Bouygues Telecom’s international offer also made it possible to benefit from communications in roaming, especially in Europe. At the moment, at this price, Bouygues Telecom offers a far less ambitious mobile plan. The first offer at € 4.99 per month indeed displays unlimited calls and SMS / MMS, but only 100 MB of data.

Points to remember about increasing the B & YOU plan to 20 GB:

  • 80% inflation of the package now at € 8.99;
  • 20 GB additional free before July 1, 2020;
  • Bouygues Telecom provides new services to come.
B & YOU mobile network quality.B & YOU mobile network quality.

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What alternative to Bouygues Telecom’s € 8.99 per month plan?

Those who do not wish to undergo this increase in their 4G package can take a closer look at the operator’s other proposals. To aim a little higher, B & YOU indeed offers a € 11.99 package, still valid for some time. The end date has indeed been set for June 6, 2020 at 6 a.m. Concretely, the telecom operator offers unlimited calls, SMS / MMS and a 100 GB envelope of data. The increase of € 3 compared to the package to € 8.99 on the other hand, saves 60 GB of data. The B & YOU offer also includes, 10 GB for European telecommunications and the overseas departments. It is therefore an excellent deal for Bouygues Telecom customers and new subscribers. In addition, to support this mobile offer, it is possible to turn to the side of a Bouygues Telecom promotion box.

To cover the increase in the package to 8.99 euros, subscribers can bet on an alternative to 11.99 euros per month.To cover the increase in the package to 8.99 euros, subscribers can bet on an alternative to 11.99 euros per month.

B and YOUB and YOU
Cheap mobile planCheap mobile plan

from11.99 €

See this offer

In detail, the Bbox Fit and Must ADSL and fiber offers are offered on promotion the first year. Starting from € 14.99, new customers benefit from broadband internet and fiber. However, a one-year commitment remains mandatory. Then, the offer increases to € 26.99 for ADSL and € 34.99 for fiber. Bouygues Telecom offers an offer triple play ambitious in addition to its mobile plan low-cost. The client can still get away with an invoice of less than € 50 per month. Subscribers also have more than a few days in front of them to take advantage of mobile promotions.

Alternatives to the B & You package at € 8.99 per month:

  • a flat rate of 11.99 € per month with unlimited calls and SMS without obligation until June 6;
  • 100 GB of data included in the package to take advantage of all Bouygues Telecom services;
  • 10 GB reserved for European communications and the Internet.
Promo mobile planPromo mobile plan

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