Sport Bad news for FCSG Fans: tele-club prohibits Public Viewings...

Bad news for FCSG Fans: tele-club prohibits Public Viewings in the spirit of the Super League play


On Saturday, FC St. Gallen, playing after a long corona break as the Leader of the Super League away against FC Sion in front of empty stands. Public Viewings were a way for Fans, the games are still together view. Would be: The pay-TV channel Teleclub pulls the plug.

Tele-club films and are under Public says Viewings of the spirit of the games in the Super League.

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Finally, here we go again: Starting this weekend, the Ball rolls in the Swiss Super League again – but only in the frame of mind to play. The greater the anticipation of Public Viewings, which are not only planned in St. Gallen, but also in other cities. Pubs, clubs and the media wanted to offer Fans a social experience and earn money.

300 FC St. Gallen Fans to see on Saturday night in the “most currency” on the Olma-Areal, the game from Sion, Tourbillon. More Tickets the organiser, Radio FM1, not to sell was allowed. Reason: The current regulations against the spread of the Coronavirus.

The game Sion-St. Gallen, which kicks off on Saturday at 20.30, will be allowed to show FM1 yet. Then, however, as the information show, the “Tagblatt Online” is available. In a Mail from the tele-club is to read:

“We have permits for a number of fundamental business Considerations and in view of the fact that, as in other industries, our business is as a result of the Covidkrise been severely affected, must refrain, ( … ) to grant.”

Radio FM1 no one wanted to speak to the Regime of tele-club. The Public Viewing of the further matches of FC St. Gallen in the corona of the season has not been canceled yet.

At tele club was on Thursday, no one for an opinion.


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