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Bad data April hit, especially to the construction and self-employment | Radio Ourense


April has turned out to be a bad month in many aspects for the economy ourensana. In the first place, the Provincial association of Builders has reviewed the investment plans in the province after the BOE authorize the continuation and initiation of procurement procedures within the public sector. A resume that looks hampered by low municipal investmentbecause , according to the data disseminated by the builders, the city councils ourensanos are among the least investors of Galicia, appearing only Xinzo de Limia in the top ten.

This reduction makes the balance of the first quarter of 2020 assumed a decrease in the tendering of more than 20% compared with the previous year. A bad figure that is exacerbated if we add that, of the 191 million expected at the regional level, Ourense has only received 19. Santiago Ferreiro is the president of the Provincial Association of Builders.

Listen to Santiago Ferreiro calls for an increase in public investment in the Play to BE

Bad data also in which own-account workers are concerned. Ourense account in these moments with little more than 23,000 autómos, which represents a decrease of 177 from the previous month, and down to 2.40% with respect to April 2019, the largest in Galicia. David Martinez, president of AEPA, alert, in addition, that the aid has not been made effective in its entirety, and that means many self-employed have added up to two months by paying dues, but without generating income.

Listen to David Martinez discusses the loss of the Self-employed in Ourense in the Play to BE

According to Martinez, these data imply that the trend of closures is going to maintain throughout the process of desconfinamiento.


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