Technology Back to School: free AirPods in the purchase of...

Back to School: free AirPods in the purchase of a new iPad, or Mac


Apple when buying a Mac or iPad Pro for educational customers free AirPods with this, against a little extra charge it also AirPods Per. The offer in the context of the Back-to-School-action 2020, there will be only in the USA, but are more likely to have that soon, for German pupils and students.

Apple has the new Back to School-action 2020 at the Start brought this has in comparison to previous years, a small but very interesting difference. Used to submit, on request, free of charge, a Beats headphones when you purchase a qualifying Mac or iPad beige, was now AirPods it a free Pair.
The popular headphones from Apple are likely to without a doubt, a lot of education happy customer that will decide in the next time to buying a new work device for their studies.

Back to School 2020 will start soon in Germany

In addition, customers can also pay a little on it and to acquire the AirPods Per instead of the classic AirPods your purchase. In addition, Apple offers education customers a 20% discount on the conclusion of a Apple Care+insurance.
The promotion is currently only available in the USA, Back to School has come in the past few years, however, always to Germany. It is anticipated therefore, that Apple will make this offer, sooner or later, also German pupils and students. The German Apple Store for education customers with its Offerings, you can here find. When you buy a new Mac for a few hundred euros here save.

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