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the Bachelor in Business Administration (BAA) is an undergraduate degree in business management usually obtained in a business school. It is the French term for designating a Bachelor of Business Administration Where BBA, especially in Quebec. Not to be confused with the baccalaureate which marks the end of high school in France. In most universities, students obtain this degree after three years of full-time study (90 credits). The BAA program includes courses related to business management in general, but also more specific courses related to a particular area of ​​management[1].

The BAA is designed to give students a comprehensive knowledge of the different departments of an organization and their interrelationships, while allowing them to specialize in a particular area. The program therefore covers many fundamental subjects, including accounting, economics, finance, human resources management, management of information systems (we also sometimes speak of information technology or IT), marketing , operations and logistics management, quantitative management techniques (statistics, operational research), strategic management and business ethics[2],[3],[4],[5]. Most of these subjects can be specialized.

The BAA program also leads students to develop practical skills, communication skills and good decision-making aptitude. This practical training is carried out in particular with the help of case studies, projects, presentations and work placements.

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