Baby died at 16 months,’one day before’ CCTV was revealed

The day before the death of the baby who died at the age of 16 months was revealed.

In the SBS current affairs program’I want to know’ that aired on the 2nd, the baby Jung In, who died on October 13 last year, dealt with the case.

YouTube’I want to know it’s official account’

On this day, the day before Jung In-i died, the daycare center CCTV was revealed. As a result of the confirmation, Jung In-yi showed abnormal symptoms from this time on.

The daycare teacher looked around her body because Jung In was in a bad condition. The teacher rolled the child’s clothes and was surprised to see the convex belly.

SBS’I want to know it’

Jung In did not cry and was drooping without strength. The teacher tried to feed him, but the child refused. After a while, I just drank a sip of milk.

Jeong-in’s mother stopped by the daycare center for a while, but was not interested in the child. It’s all about taking a peek at the entrance and going home.

The doctors who met with’I want to know that’ said that Jeong-in was in a very severe condition. One doctor said, “The intestine bursts and the air in the intestine leaks out. Air leaks out and this is the best pain among the pains. It’s a great pain because the child doesn’t speak.”

It’s a pain that even adults can’t stand, but why didn’t Jung In cry? Another doctor explained that “medically, it is called an emotional state. When emotional deprivation is severe, when you are really in an emotional state, you show that behavior.”

The following YouTube’It wants to know official account’

YouTube,’It Wants to Know Official Account’


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