Avengers Endgame: Did Captain America forget to correct this timeline?

The Avengers time travel in Endgame allowed them to retrieve the Infinity Stones in order to challenge Thanos. Although the series Loki on Disney+ established the necessity of this adventure in the Sacred Timeline, it was however mandatory at the end of the final battle that Captain America replace the Gems in the right place so as not to disturb the natural course of time. Nevertheless, in addition to having created a Nexus according to a theory relayed by ScreenRant, Steve Rogers might have forgotten to fix a timeline. In particular, we want to talk about the one created by Clint Barton during the time travel tests. Remember when Hawkeye managed to get back to his farm before Thanos’ snap. To prove that the mechanism worked, he took a baseball glove from his house and brought it back to the present day.

Clint Barton in Avengers: Endgame. — Credit(s): Disney/Marvel Studios

However, vis-à-vis the rules established in relation to time travel in Avengers : Endgame and Loki, this detail could have created an unprecedented chronology. Indeed, it’s hard to imagine Steve Rogers replacing Mjolnir in 2014 without thinking about putting Clint’s famous baseball glove back in its place. If this represents a tiny detail for the MCU, the fact remains that this could create an inconsistency in the future. What lead us to think that it could be a forced forgetfulness that could tease the next adventures through the Multiverse of our heroes. Unless the TVA intervened immediately to stem this timeline after Hawkeye’s passage, this step not having been part of Captain America’s recently unveiled time travel!

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