Australian Open | Krejcikova – Azarenkova 6: 2, 6: 2, Great! Krejčíková swept her opponent and is in the quarterfinals of the Australian Open

Although Krejčíková did not even win a turn-off when she played her opponent in the opening game, it might have seemed that the events on the court would dictate Belarus, but the opposite was true. The Czech Republic immediately defended its own service when it struggled with the rival for more than six minutes. However, Krejčíková’s success started and she immediately broke through the opponent’s submission for the first time in the introductory set. The tournament four was then sovereign in the service and the development of the set was under control.

The Czech tennis players hit the corners of the court, she was not afraid to tighten and she collected points. In addition, at 4: 2, she took Azarenka’s hand again, who also made a double mistake at a crucial moment. The set was then brought to the winning Czech Republic by the serving Czech Republic and in 1 minute it led 1: 0.

Belarus, who played in Melbourne for the fourteenth time, also made a mistake in the beginning of the second set and lost 0:40. She averted the first breakball, but the Czech Republic was already taking the second one and took the lead. Azarenka then requested treatment when she gestured that she had a throat problem.

Photo: Simon Baker, ČTK / AP

Tennis player Barbora Krejčíková is resting during the round of 16 at the grand slam Australian Open, when her Belarusian rival Azarenková has been treated.Photo: Simon Baker, CTK / AP

In the fourth game for a change, she was given three chances to take back the lost serve of the tournament’s 24 and she was also successful, bringing the score to 2: 2. However, the joy of the defending Belarusian lasted only a few moments, Azarenka ended the following game with a double mistake and let the Czech Republic take the lead again.

After 76 seconds, she confirmed the break with a clean game. The scattered Belarus tried to hack and in the following game she escaped from two breakballs, but in the third she made a double mistake again and the Czech Republic went to serve to win the match. Since she was successful, she could immediately rejoice in the process.

“I had a lot of respect. I knew she won the whole tournament here twice. She’s a great player, so it’s a great relief to have done it. When you play with such a champion, it’s a dream come true and you have to do your best for success. “And I succeeded,” the Czech tennis player laughed as she answered questions on the court.

She had already played the previous match in Rod Laver’s arena, which helped Krejčíková. “I felt better than last time, I found the rhythm quickly and enjoyed it. I wanted to show the best tennis, it came out and I’m in the quarterfinals,” the current Czech tennis number one summed up her impressions. “A few months ago, I thought it would be great if I could ever play such a match, and now I’m able to beat the best players,” she shook her head.

Krejčíková smiled again when asked about the quarter-final duel with Ranana Keysová. “I still have doubles, I have to think about her first. I’m looking forward to the match with Katka,” she fired first. But then she talked. “I’ve never played with Keys before, I’ll definitely enjoy it. I believe we will play on the big court again and I hope it will be a big show for the fans, I’m looking forward to it, that’s why I’m here,” added 26-year-old Krejčíková.

In the quarterfinals of the grand slam singles, Krejčíková played for the first time last year on the way to the title at the clay Roland Garros and finished in eighth at the US Open in New York.

Australian Open tennis grand slam tournament in Melbourne (hard surface, subsidy 75 million Australian dollars):
Singles – Round 4:
Krejcikova (4-CR) – Azarenkova (24-Bel.) 6: 2, 6: 2, Keysova (USA) – Badosaova (8-Sp.) 6: 3, 6: 1.
Singles – Round 1:
Gavrielides (DEU) – Nicod (CZE) 7: 6 (7: 4), 6: 3, Basile (Belg.) – Petr (CZE) 2: 6, 7: 6 (12:10), 6: 1.
Singles – Round 1:
Lopezova (USA) – Havlickova (CR) 4: 6, 6: 2, 6: 1.

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