“AUR has a chance to reach the second party in Romania in the next elections”. What is hidden behind the intentions announced in the Republic of Moldova

Alliance for the Union of Romanians (GOLD) was the surprise of the parliamentary elections in December 2019, the political party managing to overcome parties like PMP or PRO Romania and enter the Parliament with a score of about 10%.

Contacted by Ziare.com, sociologist Gelu Duminica, associate professor at the Faculty of Sociology and Social Work of the University of Bucharest, is of the opinion that there are great chances that his party George Simion to become the second political force in Romania in the next elections, and even to witness in the future a Government of which AUR should be part.

The future GOLD depends a lot on those behind it party, and I do not mean the voters, but those who thought of this political party. I do not have in mind Mr. Tarziu, Simion and those in front. From my point of view, this political party has the engine elsewhere, but I can’t tell you where. But it is completely different from what we see as leadership.

Personally, I think GOLD will grow until the next election and will have a good result. AUR will continue to catalyze all the grievances of those in Romanian society and those who experience lehamite. I would not be surprised at all that in the next GOLD elections the party will become the number 2 in Romania, not necessarily the number 3.

Everything is possible (no – asked if we could attend a Government with GOLD). History has shown us that, unfortunately, things like this can be possible, “says sociologist Gelu Duminica.

Asked about the announcement made by the AUR leader, George Simion, according to which the party will participate in the parliamentary elections in the Republic of Moldova, the sociologist specified that there is another intention behind the statements. “They don’t want to run in the election, they want to put the stick in the fence,” he said.

At the same time, the sociologist is of the opinion that AUR will not be successful in Romania in the parliamentary elections in the Republic of Moldova. In the parliamentary elections of 2020, AUR entered the Romanian Parliament after obtaining about 10% of the votes.

“I am not surprised that AUR participates in the parliamentary elections in the Republic of Moldova. The unionist theme is a theme for all nationalists. In fact, they do not want to participate in the elections, but to put the stick through the fence. It is a difference.

They will participate in the elections and lose, because in Moldova things are different. It is a message for Romania that they participate in the elections, it is not a message for the Republic of Moldova. It is a stake for Romania. We are talking about the catalysis of the unionist nationalists around a party that assumes this idea openly “, concluded Gelu Duminica.

We remind you that George Simion announced on Wednesday, May 5, the party’s participation in the July 11 parliamentary elections in Chisinau.

“We are with the same logo and the same name since last week, officially registered in the register of political parties in Chisinau. It is for the first time in the history of the two states when a party exists on both banks of the Prut and we want to have parliamentarians AUR, unionist parliamentarians in both parliaments, that’s why we are candidates “, Simion specified in a press conference.

He added that AUR’s call for elections in the Republic of Moldova is to create a “Romanian force and a single national list” to enter the Chisinau Parliament.

“Our call for the July 11 elections is to create a Romanian force and a single national list to enter the Chisinau Parliament. In addition to the composition of Ms. chairman Maia Sandu, we also need a Romanian force and we extend our hand to all organizations, people, personalities, to all Romanians in Bessarabia to join GOLD (…). It is a unique chance to be present on both banks of the Prut. Behind me, for the first time in history, we have six Bessarabian parliamentarians in the Romanian Parliament “, said Simion.


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