News ATV from the "sawn" Mercedes-Benz G-Class outraged the network

ATV from the “sawn” Mercedes-Benz G-Class outraged the network


The Russian Kulibin fell into the hands of the old Helik. Now they want to sell it for 1.5 million rubles.

ATVs are a useful thing for the countryside or a small town. A fast and passable vehicle will cope with most of the obstacles that a driver will put before him. And everything would be fine, only to make the “quadric” from the “sawn” Mercedes-Benz G-Class is a real mockery of the legendary “German”.

The chassis, engine, chassis and power units, together with the electronics, remained factory, but the body was changed so that Gelik could not be recognized. The former frame SUV has lost its roof and front seats – now the back row simply extends forward to the steering wheel, providing a dubious level of comfort.

It’s interesting that they didn’t even think of equipping the ATV with a removable awning, which is why there is a great risk of getting wet in the rain while riding the “sawn” Mercedes-Benz G-Class. Obviously, in winter you won’t ride such a “Gelika”. The owners of the “quadric” additionally painted the car in white and supplemented it with chrome trim, which is why the former “Gelik” now “collective farm” shines in the sun.

Commentators in the thematic community “VKontakte” outraged by this approach to the illustrious Mercedes-Benz G-Class. Not only did the “masters” spoil the excellent car, so now the owners of the ATV are trying to make money on their project by selling the “Helik” for 1.5 million rubles.

“It would be better if they burned this Gelik”, “Monument to the collective farm”, “And why this ugliness? The car did not deserve! ”, Commentators on the network sincerely resent.

Alexey Lopatin

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