Attention, Urus! Aston Martin announces world’s most powerful luxury SUV

Currently starring in a kind of “marking up” against rivals such as Lamborghini, Aston Martin now promises to take this attack even further. This time and more specifically, with the unveiling of the “most powerful luxury SUV in the world”, on the 1st of February!

The announcement of the most recent challenge, carried out by Aston Martin, was made with the dissemination of a teaser of what, we believe, will be a new and more vitaminized version of the already known SUV DBX. The official presentation to the market, now promised by the Gaydon brand, will take place on the 1st of February.

Moreover, with the arrival of this new version, the only SUV present in the offer of Aston Martin, will be available with three different versions/engines: with the well-known V8 that the brand already sells in Europe and the United States, with the recently introduced six-cylinder in-line Mild Hybrid, until now only available in China, and, finally, with this new engine, about which, officially, there is still little.

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Incidentally, and still about this new engine, unofficial information advances the possibility of the model forgoing the Original Mercedes-AMG V8 which has been, from the beginning, the driver of DBX, to adopt the V12 Twin-Turbo which is part of the engines developed by Aston Martin itself.

Five years after the concept. Aston Martin presents the #1 Valkyrie

To justify this idea, the prototypes already seen on the road, in road tests, whose sound would be very similar to that of the DB11 and DBS equipped with that same V12.

As for the name to be adopted by this new variant, rumors suggest that the model may be differentiated with the adoption of the letter ‘S’. Synonymous, in this case, with greater sportiness… and power.

Until now available with a V8, the Aston Martin DBX could now win a V12

However, the truth is that none of this is possible to perceive in the teaser now released, in which Aston Martin only leaves the promise that this will be the most powerful proposal ever, among luxury SUVs. A statement that, however, will only be a reality if the future DBX S manages to announce a power above the rival’s 650 hp Lamborghini Urus.

Will be? The answer arrives on the 1st of February…

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