Attendance at AECC workshops rises 60% in Miranda

Participation in the activities organized by the Spanish Association Against Cancer in Miranda continues to grow. Every year since 2019, they have improved their records and this year they are on track to do it again. In just five months of 2022 they have already brought together more than seventy people in their workshops. In other words, without reaching the middle of the course, they currently account for about 70% of the attendance they registered in all of 2021. To carry out these types of events, the group has both psychologists and doctors and volunteers.

In 2019, they only counted 16 participants in the workshop to quit smoking. However, in 2020, they increased their registration to 102 people. The psychological care classes for those who were afraid of contracting covid-19 were developed online, as were the activities to commemorate the day against breast cancer. This allowed them to offer their service to many citizens. Already in 2021, when normality resumed, they developed 9 acts, with 16 groups and 103 attendees.

The events scheduled on the agenda of the Spanish Association Against Cancer in Miranda are distributed around two main types. On the one hand, they have permanent workshops that are very well received. Among these, the group to stop smoking stands out, which has a psychologist and a doctor, and those focused on psychological care, which can address issues such as grief.

On the other hand, the Association organizes specific activities. “We do them on world days,” they remember from the entity. For example, in 2021 an event related to the nutritional field was held.

Also, this group has in its repertoire acts for leisure and free time. like crafts. Together with this, the AECC has a firm commitment to sport. Therefore, it offers its users participation in Nordic walking or healthy routes. These events have brought together more than 25 people in less than two years.

One of the latest additions to the Association’s agenda are relaxation activities. They are intended only for cancer patients and in 2022, the first year in which they have been organized, they already have 18 participants.

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