World Atlanta: Ex-COP after killing of Rayshard Brooks arrested

Atlanta: Ex-COP after killing of Rayshard Brooks arrested


After the death of the African-American Rayshard Brooks in the U.S. city of Atlanta, one of the alleged to be responsible is in custody. As news agencies report, the former police officer Garrett Rolfe authorities after a corresponding agreement.

Escalation after alcohol test

Another white police officer who was involved in the intervention, had on Thursday also to the authorities and was later released on bail. Devin Brosnan will be accused according to the news Agency AP, a series of less serious acts, including assault and violation of his oath. According to the news Agency AFP reported, to Brosnan have been on the shoulder of the injured lying on the ground Brooks.

The fatal Police shootings a few weeks after the death of the African-American George Floyd in a brutal police operation in Minneapolis the protests against racism and police had fueled violence in the United States new. Immediately next to the scene of the crime a fast-food restaurant in a fire.

The police in Atlanta in the US state of Georgia was called last Friday because of the apparently drunk Brooks was asleep in his car and blocked the entrance of the Restaurant. Rolfe and Brosnan did a alcohol test on Brooks and wanted to take him then. A little later the police officers, and Brooks delivered a ‘hands-on’ engagement, later, the fatal shots were fired.

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