News At the CHU of Toulouse, the direction she received...

At the CHU of Toulouse, the direction she received a better premium as health care providers ?


In the event of 16 June 2020 for the defense of the hospital and public health care workers, in Toulouse. — B. Colin / 20 Minutes

  • On its website, the CGT du CHU de Toulouse explained have “discovered” that the HR department would get € 1,500 bonus, while caregivers are mobilized to address the epidemic of coronavirus does not have ” 500 euros “.
  • In the departments least affected by the Covid-19, a decree of the government limit the increase of premiums to ” a ceiling of 40 % of the staff of the institution.”
  • “On the 4.432 personal CHU [qui toucheront 1.500 euros], 78.5 per cent are caregivers, ” defends the director of the CHU of Toulouse. Nantes also, the variances of premium sources of tension.

EDIT June 18, at 23h50 : clarification on the period of 30 calendar days, regarding civilians contractors.

“A shame,” a real scandal “. On his siteCGT du CHU de Toulouse has no words strong enough to denounce the deviations of premiums between the management and the caregivers. On 15 June, the union wrote in an article : “We found out today that the HR manager, the HR assistant and the director of care would reach 1.500 euros… While some carer.e.s has taken charge of the patients Covid, a lot of ASH (agent of the hospital services) and technical staff ultra-mobilized during the period there will be only 500 euros. “

For the CGT du CHU de Toulouse, it is added to the “wages are very comfortable and premium very important each year” as key management. The union demands that all the staff of the CHU can receive the bonus of € 1,500 and defends an increase of € 300 wages and salaries.


While the controversy about the bonuses lasts for several days, the direction of the CHU of Toulouse has given a press conference, Wednesday, June 17. She confirmed that five members of the executive will earn a bonus of 1,500 euros, and explained why all staff do not affect. Thus, the CHU of Toulouse, on the 15.350 personal, 12.949, may receive a bonus. 8.500 will receive the bonus of € 500 and 4.432 people will be able to collect 1,500 euros.

As a reminder, this bonus “outstanding” had been announced by Emmanuel Macron during his televised speech on march 25. This assistance was intended for ” all healthcare personnel, as all employees engaged “ and she had to ” support them financially [la] recognition ” of the country.
A decree of may 14, has laid down conditions : he must have exercised functions “including telecommuting, between march 1 and April 30,” and for at least 30 days during this period for contractual employees, such as students.

The decree also cut the France in two. Thus, in the departments most affected by the epidemic, the professionals of public health institutions will receive 1,500 euros, mainly in the Grand-est, Hauts-de-France, Ile-de-France. For establishments in the area less tense, the premium falls to 500 euros. An exception has been made for 117 hospitals have been mobilized during the crisis. The director of the institution may then choose to increase the amount of the bonus to € 1,500 “for services or agents that are involved in the care of patients contaminated with the virus Covid-19 or mobilized by the exceptional circumstances of the year,” says a release

But be careful, other retail, a decree of 8 June specifies that this increase is limited to ” a maximum of 40 % of the staff of the institution.” “With this decree, we are recovering from the austerity what is the gratitude of the commitment of the caregivers, denounces Julien Terried, secretary general of the CGT du CHU Toulouse, joined by 20 Minutes. It is in a gas plant total. “

Now support to hospitals to devise criteria to find out who was right, or not, to the premium. “How to distribute it ?, interviewed Marc Penaud, director general of the CHU of Toulouse, in a press conference. We have conducted consultations. We stopped criteria. “What are they ? They are based on the presence of the clinical services staff : “having been hosting for more than 45 days of hospitalization of patients Covid +, subject to a time of effective service in this service 38h30 “, notes a document from the hospital sent to reporters. “We didn’t want it to happen like this, regrets Sandra Ibos, secretary general of FO. We want everyone to have a premium, as all actors are involved in the reorganization of hospital. “

Marc Sheepishly justified his choice : “I wanted to recognize the work of five people from the management, because they were very available and worked tirelessly. “And to detail :” On these 4.432 personal CHU [qui toucheront 1.500 euros], 78.5 per cent are caregivers, 15 % of technical staff and 6.5 % of the administrative staff. The direction represents 0.01 %. There is not a side direction, and a other doctors. It is legitimate that there is a community of struggle, but also a community of recognition. “

Indefensible, for Julien Terried of the CGT : “It is absolutely outrageous that the five directors of hospitals have this bonus. They have bonus plans special, between 15,000 and 30,000 euros per year. We, we don’t have the same plan. It is even more angry. It is necessary to give to 1.500 to all the world. Many have worked the weekend and night. “” This premium, it is rubbish, considers, for its part, Vincent Bounes, director of the Uas 31. We would have done better to give 1,000 euros to all the world. Every day, members of the leadership were there, and what are not the biggest salaries of the hospital. They have not stolen. “

The CHU of Toulouse is not the only hospital where this debate exacerbates the tensions. Nantes (Loire-Atlantique), the CGT also asked to ensure that all staff can receive bonus of € 1,500. “We don’t have to divide the people, the whole world was involved in this crisis “, defends Olivier Terrien, secretary-general of the CGT. By e-mail, CHU said that” it has been decided to go to the maximum of regulatory options and pay a premium of 1,500 euros to 40 % of the workforce, or over 4,000 people “. On 12.529 professionals of the institution.


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