At Sciences Po Lille, students do not want to work for the police

The students refused to deal in a thesis on a subject proposed by the departmental direction of public security in the North.

Can a political science student write a thesis commissioned by the police? To this question, the fourth year students at Sciences Po Lille answered “no”.

Last September, the person in charge of the master’s degree in “analysis of contemporary societies” offered all the promotion a subject on new forms of radical demonstrations and their apprehension by the police. It is particularly a question of “Understand and anticipate the societal challenge that is expressed outside of traditional schemes and networks (…), from” yellow vests “to health passes, including the Black Lives Matter movement”.

Capital precision: this subject was proposed to the director of Sciences Po Lille by a commissioner of the departmental direction of public security of the North. “We regularly receive dissertation proposals from associations, institutions, political parties or NGOs, specifies Pierre Mathiot, director of the Lille Institute of Political Studies. When I received this proposal, I was …

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