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At risk of poverty after separation, the past few years, fallen in THE


The risk-of-poverty after a divorce-for both men and women, declined in recent years, according to a study by the Dutch Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS). In spite of this drop to come out on Friday published the results of two at-risk groups stand out: the economic onzelfstandige, women, and young single men with no children.

According to the statistics are: single men without children are typically younger and have lower incomes. Be a part of this group and is looking for their first job. Because of this, the poverty rate for single men without children, 9% higher compared to that of the older man with a past.

The economic onzelfstandige women are another group at higher risk of poverty. After a divorce is imminent, and for 38 per cent of those with a huishoudensinkomen among the low-income threshold. In contrast, only 4 per cent of the economically independent women have a divorce, the risk of poverty.

In general terms, runs the risk-of-poverty after a divorce-for both men and women, as I said, back. Where the risk of poverty faced by women, following a divorce, in 2012, 25 percent, said percent by 2017, 17 percent of the time. When the men walked into the at risk of poverty in that period, from 9% to 7%.

In the netherlands research on the financial consequences of separation and divorce in the period between 2012 and 2017 were each year-equivalent to 55,000 people.



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