At least 19 dead in massive fire in New York

19 people, including children, were killed and around sixty were injured, in “one of the worst fires we have ever witnessed in our time“, According to the mayor of the city.

At least 19 people died Sunday and around 60 were injured in a building fire in the Bronx district of New York, the new mayor of the city, Eric Adams, announced on the spot.

“This is going to be one of the worst fires in our history. We know that we have 19 people deceased as well as several others in critical condition and more than 63 people injured ”, the mayor of New York said live on television. New York’s new mayor, a former African-American policeman who took office on January 1, spoke of a “Real tragedy not just for the Bronx and the city”.

Eric Adams confirmed to the US agency Reuters that “Children” were among the deceased victims, without specifying the number.

He attended, according to his official Twitter account, where photos of him alongside the firefighters were posted.

Billy Goldfeder, deputy fire chief of New York, posted images of the fire and the ongoing operation of his team, on his Twitter account, referring to “Many victims”. Huge flames and thick black smoke billowed in the morning from a window of a multi-story building in the Bronx, a huge neighborhood in upstate New York.

Dozens of people were also injured during the tragedy, including at least 32 hospitalized. According to the New York firefighters (FDNY), around 200 firefighters were dispatched to fight the fire, which took in an apartment in a 19-story building.

The firefighters had initially announced an assessment of about thirty injured.

Last Wednesday, a terrible fire in an apartment building in Philadelphia killed 12 people, including eight children.

New York, a megalopolis of nine million inhabitants, is suffering in various neighborhoods from a huge housing crisis, with buildings that are sometimes dilapidated and poorly maintained.


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