Assa shot again! Suphan stopped the statistics, lost 4 matches, opened the house at Rayong 1-0.

Suphanburi FC has stopped the record for losing 4 games in a row, including all of its own. After opening the house, defeating Rayong FC 1-0 in the Thai League 1 battle last evening (10 February 64)

Suphanburi FC 1-0 Rayong FC

Thai Football League 1 Wednesday, February 10, 2021 games at the Central Stadium, Suphanburi Province Suphanburi FC The 13th team in the open home schedule receives visits Rayong FC The final team of the table

The opening of the game started in the first half. The home team dominated the game immediately under pressure. 12, the home team had a chance to win the door from the moment that Prasit Chantum cut the ball from the middle of the field. Before paying off right, even if Leandro Assam Sao had a chance to fall into full clause But still went with Anusit Fill, with the visiting team goalkeeper to protect

Later on at 22nd PM, the home team had another chance to win from Leandro Assam-sau, but then narrowly shot to a defensive save Prasit Chantum. During the rest of the first half there are no additional scores to draw 0-0.

The second half, the home team continued to push the pressure until 54. Prasit Chantum put a long ball into the penalty area and was Leandro Assamsau Got the opportunity to wipe the goalkeeper’s garden

Then the visiting team tried to run the machine, hoping to win the goal. But you have to watch the defensive line of the home team that helps to protect well before the end of 90 minutes Suphanburi FC opens the house to defeat Rayong FC 1-0

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