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Ask for the resignation of John Ackerman to the Technical Committee of Evaluation of data networks


According to the article, the heritage of the Sandoval family-Ackerman would add up to 60 million (Picture: File)

Thousands of users in social networks began to ask for the resignation of John Ackermanscholar and journalist of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), the Technical Committee of the Instituto Nacional Electoral (INE), after you have been given to know that together with the secretary of the Public Function, Irma Eréndira Sandoval, who also is married, bought cash six houses in just nine years, and received from the government a land “gift”.

The unveiling of the properties not only squirmed the waters in the area immediate political both public figures, is also outraged hundreds of mexicans who made sure that the political leanings of Ackerman return it impartial in his position as a member of the Committee and returned to trend number one on Twitter.

John Ackerman (@JohnMAckerman) you must renounce to the Technical Committee of Evaluation of the @INEMexico that you will choose quintetas to renew four directors. Must first clarify the origin of your resources millionaires, the very “impartial”. (@Arouet)

In addition, the article that revealed his heritage has generated strong criticism for him and Eréndira Sandoval that have denounced the publication as a violation of their privacy, in addition to cross it out of unlawful by showing the direction and appearance of the home

Raise your hand who believes that John Ackerman must give up the Technical Committee of Evaluation of the @INEMexico. Not to be IMPARTIAL. (@Lizgottik)

Ackerman said that “we are not obligated to explain anything to anyone with respect to the private wealth that we get to build with great effort, and with the generous contributions of our family, before Irma Eréndira take charge of any audience”.

This statement made that the mexicans began to look at their Twitter posts, those in which claimed the urgency of transparentara the origin of the donations from the officials and a 2015 in which he affirmed that those politicians who were not able to advertise their properties should resign.

On the other hand, Ackerman said that would take legal action against Latinusthe medium that published the information of its properties. He assured that the report presents a misleading data, because it is the recourse to images that do not correspond with reality and that “offers interpretations fantasized about the origin of the goods”.

The access that he had the means it was supposed to be illegal, according to the reporter who argued that the sworn Statement of Assets is of a private nature.

The demands and assured that bother you will be presented both in the united States and Mexico, and will aim the punishment for the people who leaked and publicized the documents with personal data.

Among other things, the article entitled “The best gift for Irma Eréndira” noted that the total price of the heritage officer would add up to 60 million pesosin accordance with current market quotations.

The portal led by Loret de Mola defended his right to freedom of experesión after a lot of attacks on social networks and on the part of officials of the administration of president Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

The media noted that although many of them expressed their solidarity “no one denies what has been published” and said he will allow the right of reply on the part of those involved to generate a dialogue between the platform and the involved.

As regards the alleged illegality of the allegations, emphasized that the report is based on Public registry of the Property of the City of Mexico and Morelos, the sworn statements of Sandoval Ballesteros and the positions he has had.


Five houses and a plot of land given to them by the government: the million-dollar properties of the Sandoval Family-Ackerman

John M. Ackerman threatened to sue Loret de Mola for the disclosure of private and sensitive information

The furious response of Irma Eréndira Sandoval for his supposed heritage millionaire


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