News As being the new floor of the plaza del...

As being the new floor of the plaza del Ayuntamiento of Valencia


The plaza del Ayuntamiento of Valencia will begin to change appearance in the coming days. And one of the elements that you will notice will be the soil, which at present is quite slippery in the areas intended for pedestrians, and that now will be more secure. It is especially designed to give the feeling of pedestrian in contrast with the asphalt dark that gives more feeling of use for vehicles. In addition it is in line with the marble of the city Hall. The councillor for Urban Development, Sandra Gómez, has presented this morning in the quarry of the society, in Cheste, a sample of the soil of the already well-known as ‘Red Square’ for the use of barren red on the asphalt.

Thenew tarmac of the city Hall square, which is prepared in Pavasal (Cheste), aims to highlight the pedestrian area and will be similar to the sidewalks for pedestrians to walk in a safe area free of traffic.



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