Entertainment Artists and fans of Leshchenko supported him with a...

Artists and fans of Leshchenko supported him with a musical flash mob. Video


The representative of the national artist called on citizens to support a sick musician with a flash mob.

Lev Leshchenko. Photo: Global look press.

Andrei Gaidel, director of Lev Leshchenko, turned to fans and colleagues of the national artist on his official Instagram page. He asked to support the musician, who became ill with a coronavirus, a song flash mob, performing the song “Hope”.

Judging by the stories of the star’s blog, caring audience actively responded to the action: Moscow singer Irina Solo and the Basketball Federation of the Vladimir region.

“Dear Lev Valeryanovich! Beloved Leo Valeryanovich! Vladimir lionesses and all basketball players of 33 regions hug you and wish you a speedy recovery! We are waiting for a visit to the best ball game. We know that everything will be fine, and we will play and sing with you very soon, ”wrote Leshchenko athletes.

You can send your versions of “Hope” in support of the musician to the official Instagram @leshchenko_lv with the hashtag # Leo Nadezhda.

Recall upon arrival from a tour of the USA and Canada the artist and his wife Irina were diagnosed with coronavirus. The disease did not appear immediately, before going to the hospital, the singer and his wife managed to attend several social events, as well as on television.



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