Arrested the author of the fires of six containers in the Torrero-La Paz neighborhood

A series of consecutive fires in six containers peace park area They have brought the Firefighters of Zaragoza upside down last night.

Around ten o’clock on Saturday night, the first of the alarm calls was received that a container was on fire. Immediately several troops were dispatched who managed to put out the fire but once back there was a new notice. So up to six times in which the firefighters had to come and go.

The situation also forced local and national police officers to patrol the area. The individual, a 42-year-old man, has been intercepted in the street of San Antonio de Padua. The man, who had hidden between several cars, was carrying material and instruments to start a fire.

Total, between 10:00 p.m. and 2:16 a.m. At dawn this Sunday, half a dozen containers finally burned in the Faustino Casamayor, San Eugenio, Gabriel Gombao, San Viator, Pablo Parellada and León Moyano streets.

As for the damage caused,six containers have been burned and the seventh fire, in addition to urban furniture, has affected a local and several parked cars.

Fire in Las Lomas

The nights have been moved for the firemen, since shortly after 2:00 in the morning on Sunday another call was received about a fire in a house in the Las Lomas urbanization that finally registered little importance. the fire, which originated in a pellet store, filled the house with smoke, but no one was injured and there was no major damage.

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