News Arm runs over mother with child

Arm runs over mother with child


Serious accident in Kloten, ZH: A 64-year-old Arm over on Tuesday evening, a nut (27) with a child (3) on the Zebra stripes. The accident occurred shortly after 20 o’clock, as the Zurich cantonal police announced in a statement. The car hit the mother and the child on the pedestrian crossing, as both wanted to cross at the village road exit of the roundabout the road.

By the collision, the 27-year-old mother and her three-year-old child with severe injuries sustained. They were taken to first aid by ambulance to hospital. The 64-year-old motorist was not hurt.

Because of the accident, the exit of the village road, the concerned roundabout had to be closed for around three hours for the traffic. (nim/SDA)


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