News Argentine defender: Messi is not loved by everyone in...

Argentine defender: Messi is not loved by everyone in Argentina!


Alexandre Barbosa, Independiente of Argentina, defender, confirmed that there is someone who does not like Lionel Messi Barcelona Spanish In Argentine territory.

And Barbosa made it clear in statements highlighted by the Spanish daily Sport that Messi is the best player in the world, but at the same time, not all Argentines have the same view.

The former River Plate player commented on the possibility of coach Marcelo Gallardo taking over Barcelona in the presence of Messi and said: If Messi made any mistake, he would scream at him.

Sport believes that Barbosa refers to this statement the strength of the character of Gallardo, which he imposes on his players in the River Plate Argentine.

And Barca has been linked to seeking to sign a contract with Gayardo in the last period, especially before contracting with the current coach Kiki Citin to take over the team’s training.


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