Argentine defender Mateo Carbajal is a new player for Independiente del Valle

It has not yet been confirmed by the leadership of Independiente del Valle, but it is already a fact that Mateo Carabajal It will arrive in the next few days at the Chillo Jijón complex. His previous club, Arsenal de Sarandí said goodbye to their captain and central defender.

The Argentine team thanked Carabajal and wished him luck in Independent of the Valley. He played his last game and completely disassociated himself from Sarandí’s team.

The press of that country confirmed that the striped ones reached an agreement for their hiring. It will be linked for four and a half years.

“According to what was agreed, Independiente del Valle will keep 50% of Carabajal’s pass, who will sign for four and a half years with the Ecuadorian institution,” published the portal of the television network TyC Sports.

Carabajal was a symbol of DT’s successful stage Sergio Rondina at Arsenal. He is 24 years old and was promoted to the First Division by the current coach in the 2017-2018 season. It was part of the institution’s historic rise in 2019.


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