News Argentina extended talks of debt restructuring for more than...

Argentina extended talks of debt restructuring for more than a month


02:47 am

Saturday 20 June 2020

Buenos Aires- (d b a):
The government announced that Argentina, Friday, they will extend again the deadline for its own restructuring $ 65 million of external debt, this time for more than a month.

The postponement until July 24, is the fifth since it began the government of President Alberto Fernandez to negotiate with creditors about two months ago, was scheduled to be over Deadline the previous Friday.

Reported data to the government, that “Argentina and advisers believe will benefit from this extension to continue discussions and to allow investors to continue to contribute to the re-successful debt restructuring”.

Argentina has said that she reached an understanding with its creditors, however, reports that the talks focused on the recovery rates of holders of foreign bonds reached an impasse in recent days.

Recall that Argentina defaulted on debts amounted to about $ 500 million in May, and could threaten the failure to reach an agreement to the structure of state debt in bankruptcy.



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