Arestovich resigned from the position of adviser to Yermak and speaker of the Ukrainian delegation to the TCG

The politician stressed that “the information is still unofficial.”

Arestovich announced that he had resigned from two positions /

Aleksey Arestovich resigned from the post of non-staff adviser to the head of the President’s Office and – speaker of the Ukrainian delegation to the TCG across the Donbass.

He stated this in a comment.4 channels“.

According to him, he resigned of his own free will, and he will no longer be present at the next meeting of the TCG on Donbass.

Arestovich stressed that “the information is still unofficial,” and he left for “personal reasons.”

Read alsoPoroshenko choose a measure of restraint in the Pechersk court (online broadcast)Help UNIAN. Aleksey Arestovich has served as a non-staff adviser to the Head of the Office of the President on strategic communications in the field of national security and defense since December 1, 2020. At the same time, on October 28, 2020, he became a speaker of the Ukrainian delegation to the TCG on Donbass.

As UNIAN previously reported, Aleksey Arestovich repeatedly got into scandals because of his provocative statements. So, one of the last times he made a harsh statement against Russia, telling what she faces in the event of a new invasion of Ukraine.

He said that the Russian military group “is not perfect enough” to defeat Ukraine. As Arestovich argued, Russia itself would lose in the event of an attack.

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