Are we in danger? In January, eight more asteroids will approach Earth

On Tuesday he raced past the Earth last asteroid: a 7482 (1994 PC1) it has stretched a million miles past us, which seems like a great distance, but according to NASA, everything that comes within 1.3 astronomical units (194.5 million kilometers) is a direct threat to our planet.

However, it turns out that this is by no means the only In January, we can expect eight more space rocks to approach.

Are they a danger?

Although they are considered dangerous according to the official classification, we don’t have to envision scenes that fit into a disaster film. In practice, we are not exposed to any real danger.

The closest is called the 2022 AE6, 20-40 meters in diameter, and will approach the Earth 1.1 million kilometers on January 20th. On the same day, an asteroid called 2022 AB is to be reckoned with, and then in January with:

  • 2022 AX4 – January 21
  • 2018 PN22 – January 21
  • 2017 XC62 – January 24
  • 2021 BZ – January 27
  • 2022 AN5 – January 28
  • 2022 AG6 – January 28


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