Health Are overweight patients still in intensive care with corona?

Are overweight patients still in intensive care with corona?


Of the more than a thousand people currently in intensive care with corona, the vast majority are overweight. According to Lottie Mae Jones, a former plus-size model and coach, this information scares people with a buddy more, she says in This is the Day. “They are concerned and think: this woman is fat, her own fault is a big bump, she is less helped.”

Listen back: Lottie Mae Jones, Liesbeth van Rossum and Jaap Seidell in This is the Day

Jones thinks the news about this smacks of “putting fat people in the corner.” She wonders why exactly this is being brought out. “What about the inveterate smokers, and the drug and alcohol users?”

Belly fat

What we, according to internist and professor Liesbeth van Rossum, should realistically discuss with each other is obesity. “What many people don’t know is that it disrupts the immune system. There is an increased risk of serious infections. And especially with belly fat, which produces certain hormones and inflammatory substances. You see with flu that they get pneumonia, or blood poisoning more often. with infections. And you can see that now with corona. “


Are overweight people more likely not to receive treatment due to a lack of beds in intensive care? Van Rossum says that this may indeed be the case with morbid obesity. “We know of people who are much too heavy, they are difficult to ventilate, and if they get it they can not get rid of it. So you have to determine, purely out of necessity: who can we still breathe and who has another real chance to get out alive? ”

According to professor of nutrition and health Jaap Seidell, two epidemics converge in the corona crises: that of an infectious viral disease and that of affluent diseases. He wants the government to tackle the latter firmly after the first.

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