Archie (12) is in an artificial coma: –

Archie Battersbee from England is still in a coma after suffering a brain injury more than a month ago.

Doctors and specialists treating the 12-year-old say it is “very likely” that he will not survive, and believes that the life-saving treatment should stop.

Now the parents are fighting to keep their son alive in an artificial coma, according to Sky News.

Not giving up

Hollie Dance has said she found her son unconscious at home on April 7. Now she says she wants more time with the 12-year-old, who has been unconscious ever since she found him.

– We do not know the extent of the damage yet. But I know I would rather have a bit of Archie than nothing. I need to wake up to his beautiful face, says his mother.

Furthermore, she says that she fights to get as much time with him as possible.

– He may never be the same old Archie, but if there is a chance that he can live a happy life, then I will give him that opportunity.

– He has squeezed my hand with a strong grip. I think it’s his way of telling me he’s still here and just needs more time, she said Wales Online.

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Uncertain cause

Hospital managers have asked a judge at the family department in the Supreme Court to decide which measures are best for Archie.

Family lawyer Bruno Quintaville has said that they are “very worried” that the 12-year-old has not received treatment to stop the swelling in the brain.

– Our concern is that he suffers more every day.

In a video interview with the British news channel GB News tells the mother that they still have not determined what happened to Archie.

The 12-year-old is alleged to have been found with a material tied around his neck.

– It looks like it may have been a “freak accident” (horror accident journ.anm.), The mother has said.

– We also do not rule out that he tried to perform an internet challenge, but right now we are not entirely sure what happened.

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