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Apple will replace Intel Chips in Macs due to their own processors


Cupertino – Apple breaks out of the rut of the PC industry and presents its Mac computers to Intel processors on Chips of its own design. So that in the future Apple will run on the same technical platform as the iPhone and iPad Tablets. The first Macs with the new Chip architecture will come to the end of the year, announced group CEO Tim Cook on Monday.

The group will be able to build better products, promised chief designer Johny Srouji. Large Software vendors such as Microsoft (Office) Adobe (Photoshop) were already working on custom variants of their programs, emphasized Software chief Craig Federighi. Apple reckon that the Transition will take two years to complete, said Cook. At the same time, Macs with Intel Chips continue to be supported, and new devices with the processors of the semiconductor group were planned.

A replacement of the Intel semi-conductor with the Chips of Apple in the Macs has been speculated for a long time. The group developed very powerful with their own processors for its mobile devices based on the architecture of the chip designer ARM. In Apple’s notebook and Desktop computers came so far, but – as in the PC industry for the most part, the usual Chips from Intel with the x86 architecture. This ensured the compatibility of applications across the platforms.

Now Software developers need to adapt their programmes if they are to run on both Intel – and ARM-based Macs. However, only a few days of work, assures Apple. In addition, it is built into the new Mac operating system “Big Sur” is a function that for Intel Chips Software intended converts. Also can run on Macs also Apps developed for the iPhone and iPad.

More Energy-Efficient Chips
ARM processors are generally considered to be more energy-efficient than x86 Chips, especially for Laptops and smaller from the Windows world laptops with ARM chip architecture brought out already, but the Interaction with the Windows operating system brought with it some compromises.

The Macs have a share of only ten percent of the PC market. Thus, the loss of business for Intel is to get over financially. But it could be a blow to the reputation of the Chip giants that had previously, the PC business is in the grip of. For Macs, this is the third exchange of the Chip platform to the Transition from Motorola to IBM’s PowerPC in the early 1990s and to Intel in 2005.

Apple made the announcement at its developer conference WWDC, which takes place this year due to the Corona-crisis completely online. In addition, there was, as usual, many announcements about future Software for devices of the group.

Widgets now also on iPhones
So Apple iPhone users with the new operating system iOS 14, for the first time since its market introduction in 2007, the possibility of your Start screen with additional features to transform it. In addition to the usual App icons, you will be able to place with iOS 14 also larger, so-called Widgets, where some of the information from a number of applications can be displayed – for example, News, weather, or Navigation. On the Google operating system Android Widgets already belong since years to the daily life of the user.

Another new feature are the “App clip” – the ability to use individual functions of an application without having to fully download. So you could buy, for example, in the case of a coffee chain, fast, or in a store additional information. Google tried something similar a few years ago in the case of Android, the idea prevailed.

First of all, the new 5 series from BMW, you will be able to have an iPhone as a car key. The NFC radio chip is used, which is also used in contactless payment. The digital keys to a car can also be about Apple’s chat service, iMessage to others sent, with limitations in the validity and individual functions. The auto key function is also to be for the current iOS 13 unlocked.

With the new iOS, Apple also ventured a little more direct competition with Google. The voice assistant Siri can answer more questions than before, also the iPhones get a Translation App. To Start, there are eleven languages, including English.

Android and iOS, the only two relevant Smartphone systems, according to again and again for each function. The control Gestures of iOS borrowed Android last.

Navigation instructions for cyclists
The maps App also gets the navigation instructions to the cyclist, although initially only in a few cities. In addition, routes can be used for electric vehicles, adapted. The from the ground up with new Apple maps will be to the United States to the UK, Ireland and Canada, other countries will follow later.

A number of important innovations in the handling of data. Apple will in the future to view in the App Store, what data to collect an application and with whom you shared. In addition, existing accounts with Apps and Online will be services, the Login with Apple-converted, in which the group disguised at the request of the E-Mail address.

On the Computer watch Apple Watch leaves more variety and setting options for the digit and “complications” with each of the App functions. You will finally be able to measure the quality of sleep. Suitable for Corona-crisis, the watch will automatically detect that someone is washing of just the hands and a Countdown display so that the user stops to early.

Airpods earphones will in the future be able to automatically switch between Apple devices of a user. The more expensive the AirPods Per get, in addition, spatial Sound, you know usually Surround installations, such as in the cinema. Apple uses – as well as some other Hi-Fi specialists – on Software Algorithms, the 3D experience to produce with only two headphone speakers.

After the recent debate about Apple’s App Store rules, developers get the ability to the guidelines of the group challenge. (awp/mc/ps)

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