Technology Apple turned iOS into a Windows Phone, and macbooks...

Apple turned iOS into a Windows Phone, and macbooks into an iPad


An additional change, which has also been asking for a long time, is that Siri, search and incoming call screens will no longer cover the entire interface. Well, finally thought of!

But the rest is about Maps, for example, we, in Russia, are not interested. In general, I’m sure that in the same maps Apple will always fall behind Google (unless Google closes the service one day) simply because of the difference in approach. Google does not seek to implement “here and now” some global functions, developing the service slowly, but immediately everywhere. Apple loves the United States so much that they don’t give a damn about almost all other countries. “Here we have made a cool little chip for the city” – and show San Francisco, at best New York. Always like this. Well, probably, the inhabitants of these cities should be pleased, but otherwise the average US citizen, if he sees all these functions in his city, is not soon.

Everything would be fine, but these small-town updates take too much time at the presentation. Therefore, let me continue to talk about everything (users), and omit any particulars (such as the ability to use an iPhone as a key for the new BMW model).

Tablets: iPadOS and more stylus features

Honestly, I don’t understand why Apple is persistently trying to separate the operating systems for the iPhone and iPad, if it is obvious that this is the same OS, which is justified by each new presentation. Well, yes, the interface for iPad apps is optimized for the big screen, so what? Anyone who has ever programmed in Xcode for iGadgets knows that you can make the same program for different screen formats (including the already considerable number of iPhone screen formats), using the available space in different ways.


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