Business Apple : the "monopoly" of the App Store is...

Apple : the “monopoly” of the App Store is attacked from all sides


Machine cash to Apple, the App Store is more than ever under the fire of criticism. In the United States as in Europe, the application store of the brand is the subject of many complaints.

The model Apple crack gently. The firm of the late Steve Jobs, who has for years touted its vertical integration model perfect and welcomed the control on its software ecosystem is now under the fire of criticism. Many voices are raised to denounce abusive practices and anti-competitive.

Last may, the justice of the united states has authorized the pursuit of legal proceedings against Apple that accused the company of having established an illegal monopoly on the sale of mobile apps. The company is also scrutinized very closely by the u.s. Congress, which has not lost sight of the idea of potentially dismantle the large companies in the digital sector.

Then it was the turn of the european Union to tackle the economic model of the firm, in particular following a complaint from Rakuten, who felt that to impose a tax of 30% on the distribution of e-book was anti-competitive, knowing that the company also publishes its own store of e-books Apple Books. Margrethe Vestager, the commissioner responsible for competition in Brussels, believes that Apple “got a role of access controller, with regard to distribution of content and applications” and that it is therefore necessary to ensure that “the rules Apple does not distort competition on the markets where the company is in competition with other application developers”.

The case Hey

Even more recently, it’s a case of lesser magnitude, but very high profile, has given the practices of Apple in the centre of the discussions. The company Basecamp), which specializes in Web-based tools, has actually launched an open war to Apple as a result of the behaviors deemed as “mafia” by the CEO of the company. While Basecamp had to lift the veil of “Hey”, a new e-mail service charges, Apple is allowed to stop dead the fate of the application.

More specifically, the manufacturer of iPhone prevents Basecamp to deploy bug fixes to the app iOS, because it does not comply with the usage rules of the App Store. The application, which works by subscription, offers not to go through the payment service from Apple, but would rather users go to subscribe to a subscription on the Web. By doing this, Basecamp avoids paying the 30 % that Apple reserves in case of subscription via the App Store. Except that according to the giant californian, not to at least offer a payment via the App Store is enough of a reason to ban an app from their store.

“Deeply perverse, unreasonable and unfair”

“There’s no damn chance that we should pay the ransom to Apple. I saboterai this initiative myself before letting gangsters take advantage of it as that. It is deeply perverse, unreasonable and unfair”, enrage the CEO on Twitter. “It is clear that Apple has now so the impression of being above the concerns insignificant in terms of antitrust law that even if it is under the supervision of the regulators and the ministries of Justice of TWO CONTINENTS, it can still afford to tighten the screws”he continued.


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