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Apple refuses to update the e-mail service, Even as an option for in-app purchases of any miss – IT Pro – Nieuws


The e-mail I from the makers of Basecamp, has to do with the refusal of Apple to update the iOS app to be approved. According to the Basecamp-executive director depends on the demand of Apple’s in-app purchase to make it possible.

On Twitter, does a chief technology officer and David Heinemeier Hansson complain about the actions of the District. The first version of its iOS app with a new e-mail service, came in for the show, but that was not the case for the version to 1.0.1, some bug fixes are in effect. Reviewers of the App Store refused to accept, and then to the latest version, 1.0.2.

In a letter to Apple, which is due to Hansson on Twitter, it is posted, it turns out that the company’s App Store Review over-provision of in-app purchases will be cancelled. In that letter, finds that an App Store reviewer is that in the iOS app, Even for customers with access to content, subscriptions, or features, which, elsewhere, have been purchased, but those items were not available in the form of an in-app purchase from within the app. The point here is specifically to the paid e-mail services that I offer.

According to Hansson, this should be seen as an attempt by Apple to make a 15-to 30-percent of the income on the contract. He says that Apple has with the app as a whole is likely to remove it, if not, the claim will be paid. Apple, on the website of the Protocol that the adoption of the first version of the iOS app, I made a mistake it was.

Hansson points out that some e-mail services and apps in the App Store, just like the way the new app will give you access to the plans, elsewhere, have been bought. He said that there is a discrepancy, and that there will be multiple standards. The iOS app for Basecamp, it is, for example, will still be available on the App Store. That is probably due to the fact that it is a business and a client app is to register, not only log-in is possible; No, it is, especially one that is aimed at consumers, app users have to pay for it.

Spotify was complaining earlier about this policy of Apple’s, and most recently, it has been announced that the European Commission’s two investigations began into possible abuse of power by Apple. The research will focus on both the App Store and Apple Pay. The investigation into the App Store and is specifically focused on the subject of making in-app purchases that app developers will be thirty per cent commission to Apple will have to pay some subscription fees apply.


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