Technology Apple officially announced the processor for Macs new Apple...

Apple officially announced the processor for Macs new Apple Silicon


Announced Apple Today Monday during a conference of developers WWDC 2020 to be held across the internet because of the virus coronary emerging (SGRF-19) COVID-19, officially of the transfer of Macs to the products of their industry, to carry it to its other mobile that rely on the processors to Apple.

American company said in Statement: It’s a developers can as of now start updating their apps to take advantage of the “advanced capabilities to find out (the Apple silicone) Apple Silicon in the operating system (Mac us) macOS. She added that this transition will also lead to the establishment of a common structure across all Apple products, making it easier for developers to write their apps and improving the entire ecosystem.

Besides the announcement of new processors, Apple today announced the new version of the operating system (Mac us) macOS named Big Sur, she said, he appreciated the update is the largest since more than 10 years, includes techniques to ensure a smooth transition to the processor (the Apple Silicone). For the first time, developers can access to iOS apps and iPadOS their own devices to Mac without any modifications.

To help developers get started using (the Apple Silicone), the company also launched a (Quick Start program for public relations) Universal App Quick Start Program, which provides access to documentation, support forums, and demo versions of the system macOS Big Sur and Xcode 12, the limited use of the toolkit to the developer DTK, the system of the development of the Mac depends on the processor system A12Z Bionic from Apple.

And Apple to ship the first Mac device with a processor (the Apple Silicone) by the end of the current year, and complete the transition in about two years. However, the company confirmed that it will continue to support the issuance of new versions of the system (Mac us) for Mac based on Intel processors for years to come, as it intends to launch more Macs that use Intel processors.


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