Apple is working on thinner, foldable OLED screens (like Samsung)

In recent years, the foldable iPhone has been regularly talked about, both by designers, fans and detractors, but also by analysts (such as Ross Young of Display Supply Chain Consultants). Chimera or future project, the Apple firm is said to be developing thinner OLED panels that could be used for foldable screens in the future.

According to The Elecshe would try to remove the polarizing films to refine the slabs. But by thus reducing the thickness, it must face another technical problem since this film makes it possible to filter certain colors and thus to improve the brightness of the screen. So she would be working on a solution alternative. For its part, Samsung already uses non-polarized OLED panels for its Galaxy Z Fold 3.

As a reminder, Apple would have other projects in mind, and would be studying a new concept of foldable laptops. The latter would not take over the form factor usual (screen + keyboard). It would indeed be a kind of gigantic tablet with a foldable 20-inch screen that could be used as an Ultra-HD / 4K monitor, with an external keyboard (folded). But, once folded (halfway), it would become a laptop computer, a virtual keyboard appearing on the lower part. This product would not see the light of day for many years, rather around 2026/2027…

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