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“Apple” is preparing strongly for the launch of HomePod 2 and compete with Google and Amazon – Ernews


Source: Amr Al-Zanati – Toss News

Technical reports revealed, on Monday, that the American company, “Apple”, will launch on July 22, at the (WWDC 2020), the second generation of smart home amplifier (HomePod).

According to reports, the device may come in the name of (HomePod 2) or (HomePod Mini), which is a smaller and cheaper version of the current amplifier, which is used by its Siri voice assistant.

And Apple failed in its first release from the device to achieve success, and to compete with other companies ’devices, such as (Amazon Echo) and (Google Home) devices.

The original (HomePod) was launched in 2018, and the device received mixed reviews and confusing sales, and its capabilities as the focus of the smart home were clearly weak, compared to other devices.

The original (HomePod) is missing the Bluetooth feature, which makes the user feel frustrated when he does not find the required path within the broadcast service of “Apple”, in the hope that the new version will come with everything that the first version did not provide.

And if you buy a HomePod amplifier, you are linking yourself to Apple’s audio ecosystem, and HomePod 2 can correct this, either by adding support for these services, or by allowing a Bluetooth connection, allowing you to broadcast tracks from your smartphone, from Which platform you choose.




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