Apple iPhones can finally switch to USB-C

Is it time? According to Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple iPhones will finally switch to USB-C in 2023.

Sources of the renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo Based on the first Apple iPhone to finally come with a USB-C connector instead of Lightning could be the iPhone 15. He bases his claims on industry sources, and his predictions are often accurate.

Lightning port trash occurs every year (as early as 2017), and it’s a fact that many Apple products have already stepped on this, but not on iPhones. Many say the associated license fees that accessory manufacturers are required to pay to Apple for using the standard.

If they finally really step in now, it will debut this fall iPhone 14 series will be the last to come with a Lightning port. In addition, only AirPods and entry-level iPads use the port. USB-C can bring iPhones faster charging, more versatile connectivity, fewer unnecessary accessories at home, and fewer headaches.

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Photo by TechRadar, iMore

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