News Appeal of 17 June : the Previous "manifest against...

Appeal of 17 June : the Previous “manifest against the réintoxication of the world”


We talked a lot about the “world after”, during the confinement. For that it does not end in beautiful words, this Wednesday 17 June 2020 in France, many collective have launched the national appeal of the June 17,against the “réintoxication of the world“. Starting at the Place de la République in Dijon, they were more than 200 of the yellow vests, people for the climate, as well as activists from the collective of the city, such as Tanneries or the free district of Lentillères. For a future that is more respectful of the environment, capitalism, or racism, patriarchy, or social injustice, they opposed primarily to the bétonisation of the metropolis.

The fight against a real estate project of the metropolis

We don’t want that for tomorrow. Rétropollution, us revolution“: this is what sang the protesters, Instead of the Republic. They then walked up to the 63 avenue de Langres, not far from the Golden Fleece in Dijon for a “earth“. The objective is to serve their opposition to the draft real estate of the municipality on this fallow land for the benefit of the inhabitants. They are therefore installed for gardening. Mathilda, a neighbour of this wasteland, strongly opposes : “There are birds, nature resumes its rights. During the confinement, the parks were closed, many people have benefited from it. We need greenery, even when one decides to live in the city.”

The making of land of the waste land at 63 avenue de Langres, not far from the Golden Fleece in Dijon
The collective of 17 June previous

According to the collective, there would be nearly 6,000 vacant dwellings in Dijon the municipality may use, rather than rebuild. “There is no inevitability that the concrete covers all the arable land of the agglomeration,“adding in a press release.

For a world after the most green

Then they were asked, according to them, what it would be like this “the world according to covid,” as long hoped for ? Maud, Dijonnaise, comes out full of motivation in this period. According to her, the health crisis has some positive consequences : “this has given hope, and even beyond that, the facts : in two months, we have patched the ozone layer, greenhouse gas emissions have strongly decreased. This shows that if decisions of state are taken, we can give a new chance to our planet.

  • The protesters hope more assistance, greenery and solidarity :
The event was held in a festive atmosphere, without the intervention of the forces of law and order
The event was held in a festive atmosphere, without the intervention of the forces of law and order © Radio France
Sophie German
“To love, to dream and to plant” © Radio France
Sophie German
#Onn’oublierapas © Radio France
Sophie German


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